At The Game Assembly half of our time is dedicated to individual work and the other half to group projects. We create eight projects in total over two years, around 8 - 10 weeks half-time each. The first four projects are in 2D, each one with a different group comprised of programmers, graphical artists, animators and level designers. These were made in The Game Assembly's own engine TGA2D, except the first project which was made using Löve. The second half of the projects are in 3D, all four made with the same group, this time including technical artists. For these we've created our own engine, which uses an Entity Component System.

During these projects we use the Agile methodology and Scrum. We have short stand up meetings by our Scrum boards every morning to make sure everyone in the group knows what everyone else is working on and to see if there's anything we need to discuss as a group. The development is divided into sprints: Pre-production, Alpha, Beta and Gold. At the end of each one we present our progress to the teachers who give us valuable feedback and guidance. Once during each project the group gathers, one on one, to give each other positive reinforcement and constructive feedback on things we could improve. At the end of each project we sit down and play each others' games and then write an individual and a group post-mortem, which are great opportunities to reflect on our work and how we could have done it better.

At the end of our programming education, each student works with an individual specialization project of their choice.

Specialization Project:

Gameplay Photography


Post Haste




Diiwi Islands


Spite: Beyond Salvation


Dirt Buster






Knight Trap