As a night shift guard at a containment facility, run to escape the horror chasing you

Genre: First Person Horror

Engine: Our own engine, Memory Leek

Development time: 9 weeks half-time

Team: Friendly Pyre, 16 second year students at The Game Assembly



  • Player character: I worked with the first person camera, player movement, field of view changes when running, directional animations, damage, healing and death.

  • Enemy: The enemy moves along two splines throughout the game. I contributed with the enemy creation, movement and its damage to the player. I also added the possibility to set which spline the enemy was moving on and start the movement to our script system.

  • Technical Artist pipeline and particle system: I kept working with the technical artists making sure their shaders were working properly in-game and receiving the game variables they needed, such as the enemy shader and player damage UI shader. I improved our particle system adding the functionality they required, such as randomness to particle lifetime, speed and size, and spawning particles inside a box or sphere and not just from a point, among other small improvements. I also worked on loading the particle emitters from the level file and adding the possibility to start and stop them in our scripting system.

  • Event triggers and end game: Lastly, I made sure the event trigger boxes placed by our level designers correctly ran the scripts we created. I then added the end game event and transition.