Spite: Beyond Salvation

As a masterful alchemist, cut and fire-bomb infected townsfolk and plague cultists to reach below the cathedral and defeat the Plague God

Genre: Action RPG

Engine: Our own engine, Memory Leek

Development time: 10 weeks half-time

Team: Friendly Pyre, 16 second year students at The Game Assembly


  • Navmesh and pathfinding: I implemented the navmesh and the A* pathfinding. The biggest challenge here was smoothing out the pathfinding and making the paths look good.

  • Skills: I created the three skills in the game: Fire Potion, its arched movement, area of effect damage, and application of the visual effects. Teleport, with the player displacement, making sure to stay inside the skill's range and the navmesh. And the Buff skill, which temporarily upgrades the other two skills.

  • Input and movement: Mouse clicks and translating the mouse screen position to the 3D world. I also created a movement system that was used to move the player and the fire potion's arched trajectory. The different enemies have different behaviors and attacks but both use the A* pathfinding.

  • Combat: I added a health component to our Entity Component System and worked with the combat: damage, attack duration and cooldown, death and the xp system, which unlocks the skills as the player levels up.

  • Shaders and other effects: I worked together with our Technical Artists on the shader pipeline, making sure they could get their shaders and effects working properly in the game, and that their shaders could be reloaded without needing to restart the game.