Knight Trap

Slice through vampire spawn to stop them from resurrecting their queen

Genre: Adventure

Engine: TGA2D, The Game Assembly's 2D engine

Development time: 8 weeks half-time

Team: 13 first year students at The Game Assembly



  • Room Analyzing Tool: I created a tool that the level designers used after they exported their levels which would do a flood fill on the map to determine the location of all the rooms, give them an id, and find the doors and which rooms they connected. This data was later used by us programmers to control and limit the camera and transitions between rooms.

  • Blood Effects: I worked closely with one of our animators to get the blood effects right. Loading, applying them properly, with some randomness, to the player and enemies when they get hit.

  • Enemies: I worked with the enemy movement (patrolling or seeking the player), damage and death, and the different types of enemies.

  • Player attacks, pickups, traps: I was responsible for the different player attacks and our attack combos. I also worked with some of the pickups and the arrow traps.