Dirt Buster

Your one wish is to crush the dirt and stool with the most amazing multicleaner-tool!

Genre: Shoot 'em Up

Engine: TGA2D, The Game Assembly's 2D engine

Development time: 8 weeks half-time

Team: 11 first year students at The Game Assembly



  • Power-ups: I added the power-up pickups, their movements bouncing around the screen, their lifetime, the blinking effect when they are about to disappear and the actual picking up and power-up effects. With the power-ups I also added two different firing modes: Rapid fire and Spread.

  • Beam attack: As the player kills enemies a power bar fills up. I added the powerful beam of water that can be used once it's full. That involved managing the points gotten from the enemy kills, the duration and damage of the beam and the movement of the player character.

  • Bomb power: The bomb is a special power that the player can use to kill all the enemies on the screen. I added the UI effect as well as the actual damage to the enemies.

  • UI: The initial iteration of the UI, especially the beam power bar. That required some fine tuning to get the values and increase speed right, plus the blinking effect to let the player know the beam is ready to use. I also added the pause screen and some other UI elements, such as a bullet time effect when the player is using the Beam, and the tutorial elements.

  • Boss explosions: I implemented the randomized sprite sheet explosions and blinking effects on the bosses as they are dying.

  • Parallax: I added the parallax, and randomization of the background tiles. The tiles needed to come in a random order but always end in a specific one, with correct timing, since that's where the boss fight takes place.

  • Sprite sheet animation: Implementation of a sprite sheet animation system for the animations that didn't use Spine, such as the enemy death explosions.