You are sent to investigate a silent ship and figure out what happened to the crew and what, or who, caused the loss of communications

Genre: Point-and-click

Engine: Löve

Development time: 8 weeks half-time

Team: 13 first year students at The Game Assembly


  • Room Transitions: When clicking on doors and transitioning to another screen, the whole image had to be stored and then a zoom in or zoom out had to be applied, alongside fading. I had to make sure the image would zoom in or out at the exact spot the mouse was clicked while being careful to zoom in the right way so that the area outside the image didn't become visible.

  • Action wheel: Like in some old point-and-click games, when the player clicks on something in Xenolyte an action wheel appears letting them choose an action such as examine, interact or pick up. I was responsible for the action wheel fade in/fade out and grow/shrink animations, the click and hover effects on each of the four buttons (and whether they were visible at all, depending on what the player clicked on) and the actual functionality of the buttons.

  • Highlights: When the mouse hovers over an item in the world, it gets highlighted with an outline and a descriptive text. The cursor also gets highlighted.

  • Inventory: I worked on the inventory system, storing, adding and using items. I also worked partly on the opening and closing animation.

  • Other Animations: I added animations for world items in the background, the group and game logos, and the menu. For some a simple sprite sheet system was used, for others some simple translation and rotation effects.