About me

My name is Mattias Davis and I'm currently studying game programming at The Game Assembly in Malmö, Sweden. I'm mainly interested in gameplay programming, but I'm open to exploring other areas as well. My programming language of choice is C++ but I've also worked with C# and Lua, and I have some experience with the Unreal Engine.

I was born in Malmö but grew up in Brazil. I'm finally back after 25 years and really enjoying it here. I do play some bigger games at times, but mostly I love playing indie games. I'm drawn to the creativity, innovation and artistic expression common in these types of games.


I've always been fascinated by how much the element of interaction can add to the experience of playing a game. It is what distinguishes games from other forms of media, after all. I'm very curious and motivated to explore and learn how things such as controls, giving or limiting player choices, visual/audio feedback and character behavior can, without words or images, express complicated concepts and make the player feel powerful emotions.

Feel free to take a look at my CV below for more information, or at my contributions to the Projects I've been a part of at The Game Assembly.